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Overcoming Evil With Good

by Clinicians at Ganey Counseling on 08/14/15

Overcoming Evil With Good

If you're anything like me all the bad news that is constantly flooding the television, radio, and Facebook news feeds can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes it's hard enough to sort through the struggles we are experiencing in our own lives' let alone the struggles of the world. The gruesome videos, racial divides, and the constant updates about ISIS can quickly lead to feelings of helplessness or hopelessness. It seems as though these struggles are infiltrating our world at such a large scale that we merely sit back feeling broken, scared, and wondering what on earth we are to do. 

As I have been contemplating some of these things I was comforted by words I found in Dr. Larry Crabb's book, "66 Love Letters." In it he quotes James Denney, a student from the 1800s, on his still relevant view of whether our world is getting more increasingly good or bad. 

"The question is sometimes asked whether the world gets better or worse as it grows older, and optimists and pessimists take opposite sides on it. Both… are wrong. It does not get better only, nor worse only, but both. Its progress is not simply a progress in good, evil being gradually driven from the field; nor is it simply a progress in evil before which the good continually disappears: it is a progress in which good and evil alike come to maturity, bearing their ripest fruit, showing all that they can do, proving their strength to the utmost against each other; the progress is not in good itself or in evil itself but in the antagonism of one to the other." 

Larry Crabb then sums up this quote by stating, "In other words, the battle is on."

 This caused me to realize how important it is to be aware of what we are choosing to dwell on. Are we hopelessly focusing on the evil that we see or are we setting our hope on the good that is co-occurring. Are we fearing that evil will overcome or are we being reminded that although the battle is currently ongoing, one day evil will forever be overcome with good. The Lord calls us to remember his revelation to us and to set our hope on the truth that one day He will overcome evil with good. This messy, broken world will one day return to the perfect creation that it was meant to be.

In the meantime… what do we do?

Everyday, little by little, we overcome evil with good.
How do we do this?

1) Give to an organization that supports a good cause.
You can give your time or your finances. Do some research, ask your friends; there are a lot of amazing organizations that are making a difference in your county, state, country and world. Though your donation may seem small, it is making a difference.

2) Be a part of the good that is growing.
Seek out ways to be a blessing to others: give gifts, offer support and encouragement to the people who cross your path everyday,

3) Love your enemies.
This may seem confusing and contrasting to common sense; however, in order to overcome evil with good we need to respond with love (and justice) instead of returning evil. We need to make sure that we are maintaining healthy boundaries and a safe distance from those who seek to harm us; however, we are still called to love them. Perhaps that undeserved love might win their hearts.

4) Pray for your town, nation, and world.
Not only are our prayers powerful but they are comforting in that they allow us to directly communicate with our loving heavenly Father; our Father who is sovereign, just, and present with us at all times.  Prayer fixes our thoughts on what is good, the hope that we have, and the one who will someday bring ultimate peace to the world

Submitted By: Sarah Loew, MS

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